Weight Loss

At The Facility, science is a significant component in program design and reaching goals safely and most importantly, efficiently. Weight loss is one of the most desired goals in America. The approach is what determines whether or not those goals are reached and how long they last. With educated guidance about nutrition and resistance training, you can achieve weight loss goals that are long-term.

Over $33 billion dollars are spent a year in diet products by Americans. The short-term solution is not only dangerous because muscle is part of that weight loss, it also affects the liver, creates an unstable metabolic rate, abnormal weight GAIN, hormonal changes, hair loss and accelerated diabetes.

With an educated trainer who can guide you in nutrition and design an individualized program, you can lose body fat, gain muscle and keep it off. The Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation System, trademarked for The Facility, is a system that does not allow for adaptation, so that as you gain muscle, you continue to burn fat. The body burns more calories maintaining muscle than it does a calorie, so with light weight and various methodologies in approaching weight loss goals, fat loss can be achieved without damaging the internal organs in your body. Schedule your appointment now for your free body composition analysis and a free week of training.