My name is Elijah Brown and I am a NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and a studying Biomechanist at FAU. I volunteered at the Facility as a part of my career development. After learning more about their DVNS system I was able to co-train with a couple of the trainers as well as observe how they operate. Their system is a great tool when training clients. That paired with their professionalism, extensive education (BS degree or more) , and top of the line facilities made for a great learning experience. I highly recommend that you visit the facility if you are still unsure. You will not be disappointed.

Elijah Brown
Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist / NASM

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician and can genuinely say that this is the best place for personal training around. I have been training at The Facility for 2 months now, after getting really out of shape over the last 2 years with an occasional back injury. I am already seeing fantastic results and always look forward to my training sessions. As a physician I was very careful where I went, and can say that their methods are spot-on and perfect for people with and without medical problems or injuries. Whatever your age, fitness level, or medical conditions, this is a great place to receive personal training.

B. A.
Emergency Medicine Physician

Place its great! My personal trainer is amazing 😁👍 I have a neck injury and she is always careful to protect my neck during the work outs. Great machines and very friendly staff.

Luz Spielman

I'm 64 and due to knee problems over the last several years I’d become sedentary and just felt completely out of shape. Countless times I started exercising on my own or at a gym, but with the frustration of dealing with the knee pain, I always bailed out before too long. I’d pretty much given up. Then I found the Facility’s website. When I saw the format was aimed at people 40+ with physical issues (me), I knew this was exactly what I needed. Long story short, I’ve now had several workouts and I feel better than I have in years. My trainer, Takeyah, is with me every minute of my workout guiding, coaching and monitoring my progress. She is extremely knowledgeable and I feel completely safe trusting her guidance. My workouts have been hard, fun and amazingly effective. I leave feeling like I’ve been pushed to the limit but have never had any pain either during or after a workout. A little sore maybe (the good kind) but no pain. Best of all, my knee pain has lessened considerably! I now have a new outlook on everything and I know I’ll soon regain my health and strength. If you’re anywhere near where I was, don’t hesitate to contact the Facility. You will not be disappointed!

Basil Donato

My family and I have been training at the Facility for more than 3 years. It is without question the most state of the art, cleanest, and immaculate training facility. All of the trainers are extremely knowledgeable and can incorporate any and all of your fitness needs and goals. My whole family has seen incredible results and we look forward to continuing our training there.

Evan Hoppenstein
College Student

I like the unique training approach in this gym. It is a boutique facility and the owners are almost always around. They are friendly and have good communication skills. My trainer knows what he's doing and helps you go through a very exhausting training session easily. I've had personal fitness training before and this by far is the most efficient system I've experienced. I like the environment. It is never crowded and as we never follow a prescription set of exercises there is no waiting for a machine or tool (they have tons of alternatives to make your muscles work). I don't want the establishment to get crowded but I strongly recommend it.

Yalin Meric

IMPRESSIVE ON EVERY LEVEL. Fitness & Exercise done right. There is no better place to get in shape and stay in shape. You'll find the best equipment and top knowledgeable trainers to work with you. The workouts are always challenging, never boring and extremely effective. Every movement has a purpose and the trainers will correct and insure your every movement will produce the best results. Try it. You'll LOVE it! Great respect for the owners and their FACILITY.

Lady Loren

I am in my 80's and coming to The Facility saved my life. I have always been active, but as I aged, everything changed. The owners are extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction. My trainers are so knowledgeable and I always feel safe with them. I have been getting stronger and my energy is much better. I feel and look better everyday. The owners are very welcoming and create a family environment that is special! Must try The Facility. You will change your life!

Max S.

I started at The Facility a couple months ago as I am someone who stopped working out 10+ years ago and recognized the need to get back into it. I was looking for a place where I would pushed but not judged and where I could re-learn to love working out. So far, so good, as I have seen results and I like everything about the place, from the professional and courteous staff to the cleanliness of the facilities and equipment.

Jamie Burhite

the Facility is an amazing gym. It is always exceptionally clean and they have all of the best equipment. Since it is for personal training only, you don't have to worry about it being crowded and can move freely throughout the facility and get the one-on-one attention. They have amazing trainer and will work with you on any specific needs you have. The facility got me motivated and back on track to reach my fitness goals . I have been coming here for over 2 months now and could not speak highly enough of how great this place is and of the people who work here.

Stephen Fox

As a retired Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and former owner of a rehab facility, I can attest to the quality of this fine establishment. Top notch people, equipment, ambiance and vibe. I enjoy going here and can't think of any place I would rather work out. Highly recommended!!

Rick Stopek
retired Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine


*results vary for each client