Introducing the ONLY Comprehensive Golf and Fitness Program in the Area!

Experience your team for golf-specific specialized training to increase your strength and flexibility… Our exceptional team of highly-qualified and dedicated specialists will ensure a program design that is tailored to your needs, so that you can enjoy an ageless lifetime of pleasure while playing golf. Our goal is to accomplish your goal: a reduced handicap, more distance, precision, stamina, flexibility and reduced pain. We take a different approach, not a more complicated approach. A golf-specific approach.

Most common injuries in golf

#1 Lower back – caused by rotation and extension in golf swing.
Solution: Strength training, corrective exercising and proper instruction will increase your range of motion in your spine and hip, resulting in lower back pain.
#2 Elbow-Medial and lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) are caused by poor swing mechanics and increase with age and frequency.
Solution: The technique in your swing can improve with guidance from a professional golfer and the physical conditioning needed when bone density and muscle mass begin to decrease with age.
#3 Wrist-overuse of the wrist flexor and extensor tendons cause pain and prevents golfers from having a proficient swing.
Solution: By strengthening the forearm and hand muscles, incidence of injury decreases. Altering your swing mechanics will also prevent tension on the tendons/muscles involved in a golf swing.
#4 Shoulder – Injuries are suffered in the lead arm when stress is caused by the exertion of power within the range of motion during a swing. Impingement Syndrome, rotator cuff problems and arthritis are issues golfers experience with an inept range of motion and strength.
Solution: Targeting the shoulder with corrective exercise and building muscle will alleviate the issues associated with shoulder pain.
Golfers who perform regular exercise and engage in a fitness program experience less occurrence of injury.

Myth vs. Truth

Myth – The more you play and harder you try, the better you get.
Truth – Over 80% of golfers suffer injuries from overuse.
Myth – endurance is the physical ability to withstand the duration of an entire golf game.
Truth – endurance also relates to the endurance of mental focus for the duration of an entire golf game, which is lost due to fatigue.
Myth – spending hours in the driving range and practicing a swing over and over, will improve your game.
Truth – adapting to the changes of your body and training your body to work with the changes, not against them, will improve your game.
Myth – training will enhance your golf game to its maximum potential
Truth – training specific to the demands of the player AND the game are mandatory in order to perfect your game.

Did you know…

Performance declines at a rate of 2% per year through the age of 80.
Strength training provides a 24% increase in speed and an average reduction of 4 shots off of a golfer’s handicap.
Bone density and muscle mass begin to decrease at the age of 30.
A survey of 1,000 golfers showed that there is an injury rate significantly higher in golfers over the age of 50 (65%) than in golfers younger than 50 (58%).
63% of amateur golfers have a loss of posture-which affects ALL aspects of a swing.
50% of amateur golfers will experience lower back injury related to golf at some point in their lives.
22 muscles are used to create speed in a single swing alone.

Our Program-Your team

At The Facility, you will experience one-on-one personal training with a professionally educated specialist. Our trainers offer the safest training with their 4 year degree Exercise Science and related science degrees, as well as our science based certification. You will experience a system of training called Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation (DVNS), our trademarked, proprietary, evidence-based scientific system that combines the science of physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy and psychological patterns and allows for maximum results. Programs are designed to gain the strength, flexibility and endurance crucial to improving your golf game. The training provided is designed to offer you the safest and most efficient training in an immaculately clean and private environment.
We offer a  TPI Certified Sports Chiropractor, who is an expert at reducing pain from injury and overuse. He analyzes movement pattern deficiencies and implements a therapeutic program based on your demands. He is instrumental in preventing injuries to which golfers are susceptible.
*A PGA certified Golf Pro is available upon request.