DVNS / What is The Facility?

Founder and creator of the DVNS training system:

The Facility has been chosen by Men’s Fitness as one of the best gyms in the country and the number one gym in Florida for health and fitness; it is an advanced personal training center that offers superior service and special care for our clients in a non- threatening, professional environment. Our approach to Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular System training is what separates us from other gyms and training methods. A team of industry experts and physicians educate our personal trainers in our own revolutionary, science-based training system called DVNS. One of the founders and creators of DVNS, Dr. Barry Steinberg MD, DDS, PhD, FACS, has extensive experience in the field and applied his knowledge to create a system that incorporates medicine and science, making a distinct difference from other training methodological approaches. Dr. Steinberg is an MD, DDS, PhD in Anatomy and FACS. He is the founder of Facing Futures Foundation, SWAT team member in Jacksonville and Lead Tactical Physician, Medical Advisor for the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office, Faculty Department of Surgery for the University of Florida, Director of Pediatric Deformities Program at the University of Florida and has a 9th Degree Black belt in Isshinryu Karate. Our one-on-one hands on approach is designed to provide safe techniques  while utilizing multiple training disciplines and the application of the muscle system, Physiology, the skeletal system and client care. The system was designed to prevent injury and apply program designs to avoid adaption, aid in improving results and health benefits. Our programs and methods are customized for each individual, including but not limited to, clients who have injuries, ailments, health issues and weight loss.

What makes it different?

DVNS Training System™ is based on the premise that maximum gains cannot be obtained without the guidance of an educated professional personal trainer. The trainer is educated
on applied musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology and how to effectively and safely use the principles of the Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation System™. An individual, during physical training, is incapable of obtaining exercise levels beyond psychological failure, which is a component of the hands-on training between client and trainer. The behavior aspect of Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation™ is the ability of the personal trainer to engage clients in a routine that allows the possibilities of maximum potential achievement and aids in preventing a plateau.


1. Educated: The benefits to using a DVNS personal training specialist: Our DVNS specialists are educated and certified by Board Certified physicians. Our trainers are 100% hands-on with each client, integrating kinesiology and physiology in each workout design. They will motivate and guide you to your individual fitness and health goals. A DVNS specialist makes personal training “personal” with knowledge, proper etiquette, and professionalism.

2. Customized Fitness Program Just For You: There is no single fitness program that is designed to fit every person, and unlike other fitness fads and trends that are not designed for your specific needs, a DVNS specialist will create a program designed specifically for you.

3. Fitness Evaluation: Our DVNS specialists are trained to give you an accurate assessment and evaluation of your physical capabilities, in order to maximize your results at the Facility.

4. Safety: Injuries can occur during a training session. The strict protocols that are created for a DVNS trainer can reduce the possibility of injuries.

5. Defeating Failure: One of the basic concepts of DVNS Training is the client’s willingness and the trainers ability to overcome both muscular and psychological failure. This is achieved through a mind/body experience not unlike eastern philosophies and martial arts. The trainer is adept at preventing the adaptation that often occurs with repetition, and results can be maximized and become more efficient.

DVNS Systems Goal

Our goal is to have all individuals accomplish their potential both physically and mentally, by experiencing a novel and intelligent approach to fitness. The DVNS Training System™ is designed to assure proper functional and safe technique and stays one step ahead of mental and physical adaptation.

This is not just another fitness trend. Trends may change, but anatomy and applied science do not. Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation Systems™ is the way fitness should be!

Mission Statement

The DVNS Training System is a personal training organization and system for teaching scientifically based protocols and methods to fitness industry experts. We are composed of PhD’s, physicians and training experts who have researched, and continue to research, medical and science – based evidence that support our protocols for exercise and education.

Our mission is to provide advanced education and skills to fitness experts, thereby providing safe training and guidance in maximizing results to those seeking superior personal training.