New Rave! Ethiopian Breast Milk Diet!!!! Lose Weight!!!

Consume 20 oz of Ethiopian breast milk and lose 15 lbs in three days!!! Seems outrageous? No more so than the HCG Diet that includes injecting hormones produced during pregnancy and consuming only 500 calories daily. Eat 2 shrimp and a breadstick per day and be thinner but not healthier. Calories are needed for the body to preform its daily activities and metabolic functions. The only answer to weight loss remains the same… more activity and a healthy diet. There is no quick solution and no magic pill to cure obesity. Offer Ethipian breast milk as a revolutionary diet and a million people will buy it! C’mon! Move more…eat less!

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  1. Miles says:

    Hi I stumbled upon your blog by mistake when i searched Msn for this subject, I have to point out your page is very helpful I also seriously like the theme, it is cool!

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