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Educated: Our DVNS specialists are educated and certified by Board Certified physicians.

Motivated: Our trainers are more than rep counters, they are graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology, as well as post-graduate work. They will help motivate and guide you in the approach of reaching your individual fitness and health goals. A DVNS specialist makes personal training: personal.

Customized Fitness Program just for you: there is no single fitness program that is designed to fit every person, so unlike other fitness fads and trends that are not designed for your specific needs, a DVNS specialist will create a program designed specifically for you.

Fitness evaluation: our DVNS specialists are trained to give you an accurate assessment and evaluation of your physical capabilities, in order to help maximize your results at the Facility.

Safety: Injuries can occur during a training session. The strict protocols that are created for a DVNS trainer will reduce the possibility of injuries.

Defeating failure: One of the basic precepts of DVNS Training is the trainer’s awareness and ability to push the client to overcome both and muscular and psychological failure. This is achieved through a mind/body experience not unlike eastern philosophies and martial arts. The trainer is adept at preventing the adaptation that often occurs with repetition, and can increase results that are more efficient.