A little Known Asian Health Secret.

Koreans are not only known for their bootleg videos, beautiful women who excel in math and the production of knock off handbags. They are also known for a tradition dating back centuries. This tradition is the production and consumption of Kimchi. What is Kimchi? It is fermented cabbage and other vegetables prepared in a multitude of ways. There is an art to preparing Kimchi and when prepared correctly not only is it delicious but it is also very healthy.  There are over a hundred distinguishable varieties, and they are all good for you. The probiotics that Kimchi have all serve to inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria in the digestive system (probably by incinerating them with hot pepper!). The following are other benefits to consuming Kimchi:

- Helps reduce indigestion and gas

- Helps you feel less hungry. Lactobacillus, found in Kimchi bacteria

has been linked to appetite control.

-Reduces time of suffering from colds and urinary tract infections

-The chili peppers and garlic help to lower blood cholesterol

-Contains high amount of fiber

-Contains a high amount of Vitamins A and C; after three weeks of fermentation B1 B2 B12 double

-High levels of Beta carotene


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